Education:  High school diploma or equivalent   

 Training and Experience:  A minimum of three (3) years and 1500 flying hours as a Senior Pilot/Aircraft Commander in the E-3 and/or E-8.  A minimum of two (2) years recent experience as a qualified instructor and/or flight examiner pilot on E-3 and/or E-8.

 General Skills: Thorough working knowledge of pilot responsibilities and duties performed on a wide body jet aircraft. Possess excellent interpersonal and oral communication skills; handle multiple tasks; flexible in work assignments; and work with little to no supervision.

 Computer Skills:  Proficient in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

 Desired Experience:  Have previous NATO experience. Five (5) years and 2000 flying hours as a Senior Pilot/Aircraft Commander in the NATO E-3A aircraft. Experience working in an international military environment. Experience in modern modeling and simulation technologies. Three (3) years recent experience as a qualified instructor and/or flight examiner pilot on E-3A aircraft.


 Operates and ensures maintenance of the Full Flight Simulator (FSS), Flight Training Device (FTD), and other training devices including the associated facilities and equipment.

 Provide simulator training scenario training for flight crew members in Basic Qualification (BQT), Combat Ready (CRT), Continuation Training (COT), Instructor Qualification Training (IQT), and Upgrade Training (UT) including the development of scenario media.

 Augment the Mission and Flight Crew Training Branches of the Aircrew Training Squadron and provide assistance in demonstrations and visits to TWSFS.

 Conduct theoretical instruction and practical training, evaluating student performance, and certifying task qualifications.

 Conduct basic systems knowledge, normal and emergency procedures training, air refueling training and student instructor familiarization training in the Flight Simulator (FFS) and Flight Training Device (FTD).

 Instruct students in checklist procedures and basic systems knowledge utilizing the FTD and FSS.

 Conduct academic systems and procedures training for students, BQT, CRT, COT, IQT and Upgrade Training in preparation for the students’ participation in FTD and FSS training scenarios.

 Provide the expertise to allow optimum use of the FSS/FTD systems capabilities and ensuring that all military instructors learn to use the system to the maximum extent possible.

 Coordinate with navigator/flight engineer instructors/evaluators in providing a controlled, standardized environment during the simulated portion of training/evaluation.

 Participate in courseware development as required.

 Responsible to maintain a level of personal fitness appropriate to the assigned duties and responsibilities.

 Performs other incidental and related duties as required and assigned.


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