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Who do you work for?

It’s a simple question, yet most of us have been hard-wired from our past experiences to have a certain perspective for our answer.  Though we work for CTI, our present outlook has been shaped by our previous jobs and experience, whether we have military experience, education, adventures traveling the world, where we grew up, our […]

What, Why and How: Performance Support

There’s been some buzz in the learning industry lately on the combination of performance support and mobile learning in the workplace—sometimes referred to as “mSupport.” Performance support is simply putting the right information – and access to that information – into the hands of your workforce, right when they need it. This type of training […]

Finding Value in Unexpected Places

Over the last year, I have been exhaustively researching the term “quality” and what constitutes it. I have read ISO standards, other companies’ public quality documents, auditor training courses and even internet forums dedicated to the discussion of competing quality management systems. Through this, I have become increasingly convinced that many of the existing systems […]

Is mediocrity the new excellence?

I was flying back home from an aviation safety seminar last weekend and was reading a book that I had won at from a drawing at the conference.  A coveted prize mind you as it is rare that I ever win any prizes! The book’s primary message is a about professionalism and what struck me […]

Serious Business

Who’s my audience? Who’s reading this? Whether speaking or writing, that is a fundamental question that must be answered if a person wants to impart information effectively. With this being a blog on CTI’s website, I really have no control over who is reading this, but I darn sure have control over to whom I’m […]

Quitting is a Habit

As a Scoutmaster of a Boy Scout Troop, I have had the pleasure of presenting the Eagle Scout award to six young men in the last 4 years.  That number may not seem like many; however, the national statistic is that only 2.5% of the boys in Scouts actually make the rank of Eagle.  Becoming […]

Threats to Industry

The threat to America’s trade secrets—and to our national security—is real, whether it comes in the form of international spies, hackers probing online security systems, or disgruntled employees out for revenge. The biggest threat to U.S. industry comes from East Asia. This region accounts for 43% of the reported cases for industrial espionage this past […]


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