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About Us


For over 20 years, CTI has developed advanced training solutions for the DoD, government, and commercial training programs. Using our expertise in identifying needs in high-stress, time critical environments, we develop custom training solutions using cutting-edge learning to help your teams accelerate their performance. Our primary assets are highly skilled training professionals and an experienced, capable management staff. The variety of programs and courseware solutions provided by CTI is both technically advanced and complemented with graphic features that will take your team’s learning to another level.

Applying our combined professional experience has provided customized learning solutions for the USAF, USN, USMC, European and NATO aircrews, NASA test aircrews, project engineers and project managers, FAA aircrews, and commercial organizations. We focus on customized development and delivery of results-oriented solutions resulting in an excellent ROI for our clients. Our effectiveness is proven by our 100% customer retention rate.

MISSION STATEMENT: CTI’s mission is to help clients achieve optimal performance through the use of our cutting-edge learning solutions. We partner with our clients by truly understanding their challenges and goals, and offer them solutions that meet their unique needs.

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