Crew Training International’s (CTI) mission is to help government and commercial clients around the world save lives, avoid mishaps and ensure success through cutting-edge training. Our daily operations are governed by the principles of accountability, integrity, and an unwavering promise to provide exceptional client satisfaction. The Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) will continue to realize the benefits stemming from those principles as it recently awarded the AFRC Safety Assessment Program (SAP) support contract to CTI for a period of five years.

This win is another step in our continuing support of AFRC in accomplishing its mission. CTI began its work on the AFRC SAP support contract in 2004. We provide safety-related assistance to the Command, which includes, but is not limited to, standardizing the various Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) and Unit Mishap Response Plans throughout the Command, and standardizing safety reporting protocols. The Air Force Safety Center, Kirkland Air Force Base, NM, preserves and enhances combat capability through the preservation of resources, both Airmen and equipment. With the addition of this contract, CTI assists in the same preservation of resources. CTI employees’ hard work and dedication to customer service on all its contracts helps save lives and ensure mission success.

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