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CTI joins NAWCTSD Navy Helo courseware team

The Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) has contracted CTI to perform R&M and support of all Naval Aviation Helicopter Training Programs courseware and supporting systems. Program facilities and personnel will be located at NAS North Island, CA, Naval Station Mayport, FL, and Naval Station Norfolk, VA.  CTI extends a warm “Welcome to […]

Do you Believe in what you Teach?

This is a poignant question, but one that we honestly need to answer for ourselves.  If you don’t believe that your message, training methodology, or product is worthy of truly benefiting others then you can’t expect to have positive lasting results.  Let me illustrate this point with a story that I came across a few […]

Choosing the Right Gift

I recently came across a statistic in a book, titled “Cheap Psychological Tricks”, that stated approximately forty percent of the gifts you give will be disliked by the person to whom the gift was intended.  The psychological reasoning behind this dismal statistic is that we tend to choose the gift based upon the recipients’ perceived […]

The Environmental Impact on our Genetic Code

Last learning tip we talked about how much of an impact our genetic code plays in our learning traits.  But that is not the whole story.  Environment still plays an important role as our genes work by interacting with our life experiences. Genes are constantly turning on or off.  Some “pop” on due to our […]

How to overcome the fear of failure

                    Recently, we performed a Team Resource Management seminar to a large group of National School Board leaders.  The facilitated lectures were capstoned with a serious game called GemaSim.  In this game, teams of 8 would compete against other teams of eight to perform a “space […]

The mobile learning generation

I recently attended mLearnCon, a mobile learning conference put on by the eLearning Guild. I learned a lot of great information about the latest trends and issues in mobile learning from the presenter and vendor sessions I attended and from the conversations I had with other attendees. Now that I’ve had time to reflect on […]

The only constant is change

Society is in a constant state of change. Changes in attitudes, morals, technology, and economy affect our personal and professional lives. Companies don’t exist in a static world.  They have constant interaction with external forces such as competitors, customers, governments, stockholders, suppliers, society, and unions. Businesses must adapt to changes in society or they will […]


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