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Predator Weapons System

On the 15 June 2012, the California Air National Guard’s 163rd RW/FTU Grizzly’s had a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the new Launch and Recovery/Maintenance facility at Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville California. The all new facility, with hanger space, offices, Ground Control Stations, and Ground Data Terminals takes the Grizzly’s…

Words From Out West

What’s up at Beale…actually quite a lot. Since we last spoke, the U-2 program has been removed from life support or what was affectionately known as “the sunset program.” The program is forecast to not only continue but thrive until somewhere around 2040. A common misconception about this great weapon system is that it was built in the 1950s…

CTI Delivers Long Term Support

Offutt CTI instructors and courseware developers continue to deliver expertise and good old-fashioned mentoring long after the students graduate from their classes. RC-135 and E-4B crewmembers receive academic and simulator training in courses that range from 5-18 weeks depending upon crew position.

An extremely common occurrence at Offutt is for course graduates to come back to their CTI instructors and courseware…

Holloman AFB Predator Mission Aircrew Training

Crew Training International and A2M have been selected by the Department of the Air Force to deliver mission support to the Holloman AFB Predator Mission Aircrew Training (PMAT) Virtual Operations Center. Building on the success of the MQ-1/9 CAT/CWD Contract execution, CTI positioned itself as a subcontracting partner to A2M to win this Service-Disabled…


Crew Training International’s (CTI) mission is to help government and commercial clients around the world save lives, avoid mishaps and ensure success through cutting-edge training. Our daily operations are governed by the principles of accountability, integrity, and an unwavering promise to provide exceptional client satisfaction. The Air Force Reserve…


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