CTI’s Chief Learning Officer to speak at WATS 2014 conference


Dave Kaiser, Vice President and Chief Learning Officer of Crew Training International in Memphis, TN will be speaking at the WATS Conference in Orlando on April 2nd at 1115 in Room L1 during Session 6: Air Carrier and Industry Training Insight.

During his session, he will address the critically important subject “Evidence-based Training Interventions that Reduce Aircrew Errors”. These interventions are founded on his own research. Kaiser led an exciting three-year research study through the Air Force Research Laboratory to investigate the feasibility of reducing preventable human-factor-related aviation mishaps.

These four main mishaps are Channelized Attention (Situational Awareness), Wrong course of action (Decision making), Task mis-prioritization (Task Management), and Effective Crew Coordination.

Four training interventions were identified, developed and measured for effectiveness. The 540 student who participated in the study were engaged in instructor-led lessons, web-based interactive case histories, game-based multi-tasking, and computer-based team training.

The lessons learned from this research project will provide aviation professionals with evidence-based learning ideas to apply and improve CRM training.


About Dave Kaiser:

Dave Kaiser is Vice President and Chief Learning Officer for Crew Training International (CTI).  Dave holds a Master’s Degree specializing in Aviation Education Technology and Aviation Safety Systems from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  He also possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Physics from Montclair State University.  Dave is a retired US Navy Commander with over 25 years of aviation experience as both a commercial and Navy aviator. He has extensive experience in aviation training to include Instructional Systems Design, Adult Learning, Advanced Learning Technologies, Generational Learning, Blended Learning, and Evidence-based learning initiatives.  Dave has held various Aviation Learning leadership positions: in the Navy as a Commander of an aviation training unit, as a former CEO of an aviation training business, and currently as the CLO for CTI, which produces aviation training and human factor solutions for the commercial markets, US military, NATO, and various foreign governments.  Dave is an innovator in experimental design and learning technology. Dave can be reached at dkaiser@cti-crm.com, on LinkedIn, and on Twitter (@LearningChief).


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