UAS Platform Instructor (Shadow Mission Systems)


Education:   High school diploma or equivalent combination of education, technical certifications, and/or work/military experience.

Training and Experience:   Minimum of 4 years’ experience operating or maintaining a Shadow 200 System.

Computer Skills:  Proficient in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Security Clearance:  Must maintain a Secret level security clearance.



  • Capabilities and system logic of the Shadow 200 UAS System and its payloads, and memorization of immediate action emergency procedures and system limitations.
  • Emplace, Preventive Maintenance Check and Services (PMCS), power-up, power-down, and displace the Shadow 200 UAS.
  • AV Preflight Inspection and Before Engine Start (AV and Launcher) inspection.
  • Shadow 200 Technical Manuals (TMs) and common terms and acronyms familiarization.
  • Research Paper and Oral Presentations on system components.
  • Familiarity and application with of DA PAM 738-751 (TAMMS) using logbook software.
  • Familiarization with Aircraft Operator (AO) Vehicle Control Software (VCS) software panels.
  • Description of how the aircraft is tracked by the Ground Data Terminal (GDT)
  • Understanding of signal flow between system components (uplinks, downlinks, and GDT communications).
  • Familiarization with Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) and how it is used during Shadow 200 flights.
  • Understanding of how to read a Weather Flimsy (local weather report).
  • Determination of runway heading selection based on surface winds.
  • Understanding of how Above Ground Level (AGL) altitude is calculated by Shadow 200 system.
  • Understanding of GDT Calibration.
  • Familiarization with Ground Control Station (GCS) Telemetry Switches and signal flow.


  • Conduct UAS instruction using lesson plans and material provided by the Government IAW the applicable regulations listed in the references section listed within each specific TO.
  • Test/re-test student(s) in accordance with Government provided references, procedures and forms.
  • Grade students’ work in accordance with Government provided references, procedures, and forms. 
  • Perform other incidental and related duties as required and assigned.  

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  • Fort Huachuca, Sierra, AZ

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Fort Huachuca, Sierra, AZ

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