UAS Warrant Officer Course Instructor


Education:   High school diploma or equivalent combination of education, technical certifications, and/or work/military experience.

Training and Experience:

  • Have previously held the MOS 150U with a rank of CW2 or higher and a minimum of 4 years operational experience in a UAS field.
  • Shadow 200 (RQ-7B) or Gray Eagle (MQ-1C) experience preferred.

Computer Skills:  Proficient in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Security Clearance:  Must maintain a Secret level security clearance.



  • Fundamentals in the management of a UAS unit standardization program.
  • Capabilities and limitations of Army UAS Systems and their payloads.
  • Fundamentals of UAS Missions with emphasis on teaming of MUM-T missions; route, zone, and area reconnaissance; aerial surveillance; security operations; attack operations, and other UAS missions.
  • Fundamentals of laser safety, different types of lasers on UAS payloads, employment, capabilities, and effective utilization of lasers during UAS missions.
  • Identify the requirements and limitations outlined in the UAS flight regulations and the UAS Commanders guide and Aircrew Training Manual (ATM).
  • Evaluate a UAS Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) for effective writing and compliance with Directorate of Evaluation and Standardization (DES) guidelines.
  • Fundamentals of management of the policies and procedures for a UAS unit safety program.
  • Characteristics and limitations of Intelligence and Intelligence products, to include the targeting process, target intelligence, target development, target types, and combat assessment.
  • Fundamentals of the UAS mission planning and operation.  Aspects included: prepare and present an Air Mission Briefing (AMB); how to implement Airspace Command and Control (AC2) measures; how to integrate UAS into joint fires; the use of the Aviation Mission Planning System (AMPS); how to manage a UAS gunnery program; and how to integrate UAS support into operations.
  • Fundamentals of UAS Management.  Coordinate, manage, and supervise UAS launch and recovery operations and emplacement sites; how to request and manage a frequency program; how to manage and supervise maintenance and logistics of all assigned equipment, and teach the system’s capabilities and limitations in relation to launch and recovery management and operations.
  • Fundamentals of UAS Employment. Real-world, scenario-driven, high-intensity simulated exercise.
  • Fundamental of UAS Mission Coordinator and Liaison Officer.
  • IAW AR 95-23, TC 3-04.61, TC 3-04.63, and TC 3-04.45 preparatory to system specific training in the operation of Shadow 200 and Gray Eagle UAS’s.


  • Conduct instruction using lesson plans and material provided by the Government IAW the applicable regulations listed in the references section listed within each specific TO.
  • Test/re-test student(s) in accordance with Government provided references, procedures and forms.
  • Grade students’ work in accordance with Government provided references, procedures, and forms. 
  • Perform other incidental and related duties as required and assigned.

Position Type


Available Locations

  • Fort Huachuca, Sierra, AZ

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Fort Huachuca, Sierra, AZ

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