CTI Positions for Growth in 2012

Memphis, TN – Tremendous change is underway at Crew Training International (CTI). After nearly 20 years of consistent and incremental growth as a training services provider, CTI is set to graduate from a small business to mid-tier status. Company Founder Al Mullen is transforming his role, stepping down as President and CEO and assuming a new role as Corporate Visionary Officer. His new role will be to diversify CTI’s customer base and offerings to ensure continued, steady growth as the company assumes its new mid-tier status. “My charter is to ensure the long term success of the corporation by capturing new business through leverage of our remarkable past performance, our world-class courseware development staff, proven instructor cadre and rock-solid leadership team.”

Mullen is handing over the helm of the thriving company to Chief Operating Officer, Jack Holt. Holt came to CTI in 1999 after a successful casinos francais 21-year career in the U.S. Navy as a Naval Aviator and Commanding Officer of an F/A-18 Strike Fighter Squadron. “I am not Al Mullen, but he and I see eye to eye on the vast majority of issues put before the company.” Though prepared to put his own stamp on CTI’s vision, the way CTI conducts business as a result of this transition will change very little. “We will continue to move incrementally along a path charted over the past few years” said Holt. “Al is not gone. He remains a viable and integral part of this company as our Chairman of the Board and CVO.”

As CTI continues to broaden its customer base in the commercial industry, it has taken on significantly more staff in the past year to keep up with demand. This has required an extensive renovation of CTI’s primary office located on Crestwyn Hills Drive. The renovation, managed by locally owned Salvaggio Group, is expected to be complete by April 2012.

About CTI

CTI helps companies and organizations accelerate their performance through cutting-edge learning. CTI”s client list includes the United States Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, NATO, the Federal Aviation Administration, H&R Block and Pinnacle Airlines.

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