CTI Turns 20!

This month, CTI celebrates its twentieth year as a premier provider of training services and Courseware support. Al Mullen and Steve Harden translated a passion for aviation safety and human performance enhancement into a successful business that has had a direct positive impact in improved customer performance and reduced accident/incident events. From humble beginnings in 1992, CTI has grown from a provider of aviation Crew Resource Management (CRM) training into a world class provider of high performance training across a variety of professions.

Al Mullen attributes CTI’s success to the ability to find the right employees who share in his passion to improve customer performance. The passion, performance and work ethic of our employees have ensured that CTI remained successful in a very stressed training provision marketplace. Whether it be the Instructor who stayed voluntarily after class to help a trouble student or the e-learning specialist who came in on the weekend to meet a customer deadline, our employees have led the way in establishing our enviable reputation.

CTI congratulates each employee for being a part of this milestone in CTI’s journey and for their tremendous efforts and abilities which will ensure our success for another twenty years!

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