Did you know your brain is not fully developed by adulthood?

Did you know your brain is not fully developed by adulthood?

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Traditionally, it was thought that the brain was fully developed when your body was fully grown. However, according to Dr. Richard Restak, a professor and MD of Neuroscience at The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, recent discoveries by neurobiologists have discovered that our brains continue to change throughout our lives. This phenomenon is called neuron plasticity. The science of plasticity is simple; we can actually and build new neuron networks by:

  • When you exercise your brain, you release natural growth factors and influence neurotransmitters, which enhance your brain’s level of performance.
  • The efficiency of cell-to-cell communication via chemical messengers increases.
  • There is a remapping of the functional connections among neurons, as new things are learned new maps are created, or old maps altered.
  • Alternative circuits can be established to compensate for lost or injured areas.

So the ubiquitous quote, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is no longer a valid excuse! If you are interested in more on the subject of the brain and how to improve its efficiency check out the book by Dr. Restak, “Mozart’s Brain and the Fighter Pilot.”


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