Holloman AFB Predator Mission Aircrew Training

Crew Training International and A2M have been selected by the Department of the Air Force to deliver mission support to the Holloman AFB Predator Mission Aircrew Training (PMAT) Virtual Operations Center. Building on the success of the MQ-1/9 CAT/CWD Contract execution, CTI positioned itself as a subcontracting partner to A2M to win this Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small Business (SDVOB) Holloman PMAT Bridge Contract. Team A2M/CTI will provide personnel to support the Holloman AFB mission providing real world threat training to Holloman students and permanent party aircrew.  Our tactical scenario programmers, console operators, and admin support personnel will ensure that students have access to the latest combat tactics, techniques, and procedures currently used by MQ-1/9 combat aircrew.  This important win will help solidify our presence at Holloman AFB.  It would not have been possible without the great work and reputation gained through the current CTI employees at Holloman.  I thank you all!!

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