Instructor SME/CO


Education:       High School diploma or equivalent.  Must receive an Associates degree within 12 months of hire.




Training and Experience:    Previous experience within last 5 years as an in-flight CryptologicOperation mission crew member on RC-135 or comparable aircraft or qualified as a contract instructor in an aircraft listed above within the preceding 2 years.  Previous experience as a flight instructor and/or evaluator on RC-135 or comparable aircraft.


 Must complete a formal Criterion Referenced Instruction (CRI) course within six months after start of training as an instructor.  Completion of the Air Combat Command Classroom Instructor Course or MAJCOM equivalent satisfies the CRI requirement.  TS-SCI clearance required.


 Preferred qualifications:  More than 1,000 flying hours in aircraft listed above.  Previous experience as an academic platform instructor.  Previous experience as a training device (simulator) instructor.  Multiple position qualified in aircraft listed above within the preceding 2 years.


 Skills:   Possess excellent interpersonal and oral communication skills; handle multiple tasks; flexible in work assignments; and work with little to no supervision. 


 Computer Skills:    Proficient in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.




            Instructs and measures training process of student Cryptological Operators (CO) who train in the established aircrew training curriculum. 

  •  Conducts briefings and debriefings and counsels with student Cryptological Operators (CO) to develop and maintain a high level of proficiency.
  •  Assists in projects and development work as assigned.
  • Provides inputs for courseware corrections and medications and to update training policies and procedures.

     Conducts academics, aircrew training device (RIVET JOINT Mission Trainer System (RJMTS), Field Emulation Training System (FETS), part task trainers (PTT) instruction, Static Aircraft Training (SAT), and other ground training to student Cryptological Operator (CO) crew members..

  •  Performs administrative duties relative to training such as recordkeeping, monitoring student progress, counseling, training development and maintenance of training programs. 
  •  Serves as aircraft type Cryptological Operator (CO) Subject Matter Expert (SME) for curriculum development, students and other personnel as required.
  •  Maintains a high level of subject knowledge, capability and expertise. 
  •  Perform other incidental and related duties as required and assigned. 




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