TEAM CTI Employee Recognized by FBI for Outstanding Support

Dawn Bartell, our Ed Tech at Holloman AFB was recently recognized for selfless service providing valuable assistance to a Department of Justice operation. She provided many hours in support of an operation monitored at the highest levels of the military, the Department of Justice, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Her assistance allowed DOJ officials to gather vital information, network and rally subject matter experts, develop concept of operations and direct a tactical operation center on mission day. Dawn displayed a selfless and tireless dedication in support of this operation far beyond any expectations of the DOJ agency leading the investigation.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Carol Lee remarked in a letter presented to the President of CTI, “Due to the many skill sets and unique disposition of Ms. Bartell, the FBI was able to mark two tremendous successes that no other efforts or agencies have been able to since the discovery of the threat in 2006”.

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