Two Little Elephants in the Room

Behavior change is the fundamental goal of any learning

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intervention. We as workplace learning and performance professionals viagra horror stories spend countless hours assessing performance requirements, discovering performance gaps, and identifying training cialis viagra online options to address those gaps. We then invest time, effort and resources into designing interventions to transform the audience. We facilitate learning by guiding the target audience through “Remembering, Understanding and Applying” new skills and knowledge as described in the three foundational levels of Bloom’s revised Taxonomy. Then, we sit back and hope that what they learned, practiced, and demonstrated in the training environment is transferred and sustained in the workplace and that measurable improved organizational performance occurs as a result.

As life-long-learners ourselves, we become experts in the fundamentals and we strive to advance our expertise in the latest research and educational advancements. We attend what does viagra do workshops, seminars and read up on strategies, techniques, and technology that are receiving the latest buzz. We make these investments in the pursuit of the grand learning dream of guaranteed results. We generic cialis seek the knowledge and skills to ensure that what we design, how we design it, and how we implement it provides the perfect solution to our organization’s performance needs.

But ask yourself, does using the latest and greatest reliably deliver the best results? Can being perfect at analysis, design, development and implementation truly guarantee results? In my own search for the holy grail of learning, I have found

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time again viagra online there are two critical components to the success of any intervention that if ignored or downplayed, seriously reduce the likelihood of success. These are two small elephants in the room:

  1. Participant motivation and buy-in
  2. Organizational readiness and support for transfer of learning


Participant motivation and buy-in

So often, this principal of Adult Learning is applied with too

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many assumptions. Most of us in the learning profession are drawn to the profession because we innately enjoy and pursue learning. We believe in the need and in where is viagra falls our ability to continually grow and advance our skills and abilities. We believe in the importance on making an impact on our organizations, but what

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about our target audience? What really motivates them to

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learn? What return-on-investment will they accept to dedicate themselves to learning, practicing, applying and refining new behaviors? In my research of over 500 participants attending training interventions to improve their performance, the following are the top 5 reasons employees applied what they learned on the job:

It made my job performance easier

  • Less time required to do my work
  • Less stress involved in doing my work


It made my performance better and I was recognized for it

  • Performance evaluation ratings
  • Pay raise
  • Advancement


It reduced mistakes and errors and subsequent negative evaluations of my job performance

It helped me keep my job during downsizing

  • Able to perform more than my peers

It diversified my skill set

  • Allowed me to pursue more interesting job opportunities


Ensure that you consider the importance of cialis dosage learning and applying new skills and behaviors in terms that have meaning and relevance to your audience. Don’t assume you know “What’s in it for Them” (WIIFM), Angels Camp however, once you do know, integrate and reinforce the value message throughout and after the training.

Organizational readiness and support for transfer of learning

A sense of pride and ownership certainly makes our work more fulfilling. Accomplishing our jobs with a sense that our work is critical to the success of the organization ensures the quality and relevancy of our training interventions. However, we can only guarantee that our training intervention has a chance of making an impact. Even cialis price costco with the best training design and evaluated proof that participants learned what they needed to learn, demonstrated targeted behaviors and skills and left motivated to apply them on the job is not enough to guarantee success. The most critical factor to training success is how the “job” is prepared to receive the new behaviors and skills. The following are the top required characteristics of the job to support success of your training intervention:

Employees will have an opportunity to apply what they have learned immediately, reliably and consistently

Managers are aware of, embrace and role model the behaviors and skills

  • Reinforces importance of new skills and behaviors
  • Provides a model in which to follow

Managers are involved in assessing and evaluating the new behaviors and skills and provide feedback to employees

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Organizational culture and

policies support and/or emphasize the utilization of the new skills and behaviors


So be mindful of the environment and context in which your participants are going

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to apply what they have learned. Evaluate the readiness of the environment, policies, procedures, resources, cultures and management team

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to support the transfer of learning. By discovering early what issues in application your participants may face, you may be able to proactively address these obstacles and thus gain a greater chance for intervention success!




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