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Crew Resource Management

CTI provides team training to Combat Air Forces of the USAF. The training is provided to aircraft belonging to ACC, AFRC, USAFE, and PACAF. The training is also provided to several crews in AETC.

Our training program can be customized for any team and unlike other team trainers, CTI helps your unique team implement these important skills in an engaging and exciting format.

Errors can occur in any organization. Our training helps teams recognize and respond to situations that lead to error. Both internal and external threats occur and our team training skills will give your team the skills to prevent the threat from becoming an error.

Common Team Management Threats:

  • Distrust
  • Lack of vision/goals/objectives
  • Poor Communication
  • Team Leaders thinking “small picture”
  • Lack of competency and/or character (ethics)
  • Team Members viewed as objects
  • Conflicting personalities/cultural perspectives
  • Hazardous Attitudes
    • “Me vs. you” attitude
    • Aggression
    • Deep/hidden animosity

Identifying threats to your team is just the first step in our training process. To learn more about our interactive team training courses, contact us.

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