Who do you work for?

It’s a simple question, yet most of us have been hard-wired from our past experiences to have a certain perspective for our answer.  Though we work for CTI, our present outlook has been shaped by our previous jobs and experience, whether we have military experience, education, adventures traveling the world, where we grew up, our education and where we have lived.  The sum of all these factors affects our current outlook for our job and who we really work for in the big scheme of life.

As a company whose primary purpose is to provide training services for the US military, this might seem like the easiest and most obvious answer to whom we work for.  But it’s more complicated than that – many of us have military experience ranging from years to decades.  An equally high percentage of us have direct contact with our military customer on a daily basis.  We share a bond and can empathize with them as we have been in their shoes!  Do we feel that we work more for our military customer or our immediate CTI supervisor?

As CTI has grown in the past 5 years, an increasing larger number of CTI employees do not have a military background or daily customer contact.  We have many jobs performed by CTI personnel with no military background whatsoever – e-Learning experts, animators, courseware developers, IT and administrative staff, just to name a few that make up the CTI team.  Many of our individual jobs also do not directly involve interaction with the customer.  Do we still feel that we work for our military customer or do we feel we work for our immediate CTI supervisor?  Or does our allegiance go towards the site/program manager?

From a site or program perspective, do managers feel that they work more for the on-site customer or the CTI Corporate leadership in Memphis?  How do Government Program Managers that balance the relationship between CTI and the military customers out in the field fit into the question?  Are we working for them at the headquarters level?

An even wider perspective would say that we are all working for the American taxpayers who are providing funding not only for the military, our customer, but also paying the contractors to support them.  This viewpoint espouses that we are all essentially working for ourselves – like a dog chasing its tail!

The global perspective supposes that we are all working to create a more stable and peaceful world environment – we are working for the betterment of the human race – working to do “good” for our fellow human being.

With all that is going on in our personal lives each day and the multitude of significant world events, when you begin your workday at your desk, simulator or classroom, who do you “feel” you are working for?  Is it your CTI supervisor, the local customer, the “government” or your fellow citizens?  On some level, what we do as CTI employees, no matter what our job is, touches each and every level.

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