The CAF-CRM program is mixing things up with some new technology in the classroom!  We recently introduced a new way of conducting CRM Continuation Training classes (refresher training) with the introduction of branched scenarios and “Clicker” technology  It is similar in concept to a DVD movie where you can choose alternative endings.

Aviators now attending CRM class watch an introductory video clip.  The instructor facilitates key points and then the class is asked to vote anonymously on what action they will take using wireless keypads about the size of credit cards.  Results are immediately tallied and displayed on the screen.  This generates additional discussions as unanimous answers rarely occur.  The instructor then shows subsequent video clips for the path(s) the class has chosen.

The “Clickers” give younger less experienced aircrew members the ability to anonymously select a course of action they might not verbally express in class otherwise.  Individual participant votes are confidential but the instructor has the ability to track and save voting data at class completion.

Results to date have exceeded our expectations.  Class participation has increased tremendously.  Participants are more engaged in class and don’t always agree – sometimes the majority choice is not necessarily the most effective use of resources or CRM skills.  Seeing consequences of their actions in class in real time will give participants an advantage compared to previous training methods.  Critiques to date have been extremely positive and in several cases, commanders have made personal comments on how much better this method of training is compared to previous CRM classes.

The future of learning is here and migrating to your location and courseware in the not so distant future!

Combat Air Forces CRM Training Program