Performance Solutions

Our core business competency is providing learning solutions that increase human performance in any industry.

New business realities and customer demands, coupled with a changing competitive landscape, require well designed focused learning that leverages both the latest learning science and delivery technologies.

First, we will partner with you to understand the challenges limiting your success and then creatively tailor an accelerated, targeted, and measurable solution that aligns with your business goals.

Accelerated learning is the ability to couple brain science, learning technologies, and effective design to deliver the “right solution” with the “right technology.” This accelerates your performance and produces the “added value” to your business goals over traditional learning. The figure below illustrates the unique value accelerated learning can bring to your organization.

CTI has been providing team training to US Air Force Combat Forces for almost three decades, leading towards unprecedented levels of safe operations and employment of the most advanced aircraft in the world. 

Just like in flight, there are threats to every organization that can cause critical errors affecting the mission or safety of their personnel. Our training helps identify and prepare for internal and external impacts and gives them the skills to mitigate any unavoidable hazards. 

Identifying threats to your team is the first step in our training process. To learn more about our interactive team training courses, contact us.