Courseware Development

Using our robust courseware development team, CTI produces high-performance Computer Based Training modules (CBTs) with advanced features such as customized 3-D animation.  All CBTs incorporate advanced adult educational techniques and customized ISD processes to meet your training requirements.  Our customized process integrates all elements of ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) and SAM (Successive Approximation Model) as we work directly with our customers, providing them access to our proven processes geared to achieve optimal performance.

The advancement in mobile technologies is the latest ground swell, affecting multiple facets of learning in almost every company and organization today. At CTI, our cutting-edge mobile learning capabilities offer our clients the most up-to-date products and services. To create your mobile learning design, we work with you to determine your objectives and work to meet your unique challenges.  We then place those courseware products in an environment that allows your employees to receive their training on any device from any location.

CTI’s Serious Gaming Capabilities

CTI has developed working partnerships with advanced technology companies that specialize in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Together, we have the ability to deploy serious gaming across desktops, mobile devices, and tablet platforms.  We can provide enhanced features that allow the customer to capture and stream in game data for tracking individual student achievement as well as determining educational trends.

CTI’s Serious Gaming Team Trainer

  • This serious game team trainer is an intensive, creative learning model and this breakthrough training involves both scenario-based Enhanced Academics (EA) and an instructor-led, team-based, serious gaming platform.
  • Enhanced Academics. The Enhanced Academics (EA) immerses the employees into interactive multi-media to vicariously experience an actual aircraft mishap. The interactive experience is specifically designed to solicit emotion, thereby tying short-term memory to long-term memory. It is also designed to allow the instructor to stop the event at strategic points to solicit decision-making from the students through electronic polling.
  • Serious Gaming. The serious gaming platform forces the students into a high-stress and competitive environment where they must successfully apply the skills they learned in the EA portion of the course. The team competition adds additional stress to the event. Both crews are assigned a specific, but identical, mission and are given five minutes to brief the mission as a crew. At the conclusion of the mission brief, the crews begin their 30-minute mission. The crews are challenged to complete time critical tasks, conduct experiments, manage energy and fuel, handle emergencies, and make mission-critical decisions. The teams earn or lose points depending upon the outcomes. The team that completes the assigned mission with the most points wins the competition.

The first time students go through the course they make many errors and don’t typically employ the skills learned in academics effectively. The second mission is critical to the success of the learning, as it reinforces the lessons learned and experiences from the first mission. The second mission consistently reveals significant improvements in team performance.