CTI renews military contract worth $25 million

CTI, with its partner Sonoran Technology and Professional Services, won the contract in February. The deal calls for the partners to furnish all the items and services required to provide training on two military planes, the RC/OC-135 and E-4B, at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. CTI has been the prime contractor on the effort since 2005.

“We have provided high quality support to the RC/OC-135 and E-4B program for the past 10 years,” said CTI’s president and CEO, Alan Mullen. “We have achieved a succession of multiple “Exceptional” ratings supporting this contract and are confident we, along with Sonoran Technology and Professional Services, will continue to deliver exceptional training and courseware to the government.”

The current contract began in February 2015 and could run through September 2019.