Safety Management Systems (SMS)

What is SMS?

  • A structured, risk-based approach to managing safety
  • Incorporates decision-making processes and procedures into everyday business
  • Used to plan, organize, direct, and control its business activities
  • Enhances safety
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory standards

Why choose CTI?

We teach specific SMS requirements and implementation strategies using CTI’s well-known expertise in adult learning, Human Factors and Crew Resource Management training. Our flexible Instructional Systems Design accounts for individual requirements and operating environments throughout every phase of the process.

About CTI

For over 20 years, CTI has developed advanced training solutions for the DoD, government, and commercial training programs. We work with the US Air Force and other elite organizations to train and produce the world’s most capable aviators. Using our expertise in identifying needs in high-stress, time critical environments, we develop custom training solutions using cutting-edge learning to help your teams accelerate their performance. We focus on customized development and delivery of results-oriented solutions resulting in an excellent ROI for our clients. Our effectiveness is documented by our 100% customer retention rate over the twenty-year life of our company.

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For the latest news regarding SMS, please visit the FAA website.

CTI offers a Senior Management level class and also a more detailed 3 day class in Safety Management Systems (SMS).

CTI’s SMS Course Objectives

  • Provide “aviation service providers”, “certificate holders”, and/or “operators” an understanding of SMS theory, processes, and concepts that conforms to 14 CFR NPRM Part 5 and AC 120-92
  • Describe a recommended methodology of phased implementation
  • Demonstrate how to implement an SMS company wide
  • Demonstrate a methodology to describe the operator’s SMS, to complete the detailed gap analysis, and to develop the detailed implementation plan
  • Demonstrate the Safety Risk Management process from start to finish

CTI’s SMS Courses Include:

SMS System Requirements, Theory and Application

  • Safety Management Systems Overview
  • Why SMS?
  • The proposed “Rule”, Advisory Circular, and FAA inspector guidance
  • The Accountable Executive
  • Policy
  • Safety Risk Management
  • Safety Assurance
  • Safety Promotion Activities
  • Documentation and Records

SMS Implementation

  • Phased Implementation; a four step/level process
    • Planning and organization
    • Reactive Processes
    • Proactive and Predictive Processes
    • Continuous Improvement
  • Implementation Strategies
  • The Gap Analysis
  • Detailed Implementation Plan (Part 5 requirement)
  • Promotion and Training Activities
  • SRM Project/Activity

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